Friday 15 October 2010

Michael's 1929 Model CJ Norton

Michael in Austria sent these pics of his CJ Norton; Simon looked up the details in the Works records.

The engine number and frame number match. It was fitted with an Amal carburetter, 26 x 3 tyres and enclosed spring Druid forks (currently Webbs are fitted). The LS gear box number was 108475. It had a 500cc petroltank, narrow mudguards, twistgrip and an oiltank with the filler on  the left. It was supplied with a spare high compression piston. Despatched on 14/5/29 to Piet van Wijngaarden but the records also say that the bike was for a Mr Davids and was 'special by W Moore.'

Thus it was ordered by van Wijngaarden in racing trim; it's anyone's guess if it was for his customer, Mr Davids or for van Wijngaarden to use himself.