Tuesday 12 October 2010

Mark's 1923 Model 16H Norton

An email from Mark

I am in  Cape Town South Africa and have a 1923 16H (above) and I am in need of a piston and if possible a barrel as well. Mine came with a bad score inside from the gudgeon pin and has an incorrect piston that somebody has machined the shoulder almost completely off; it does not appear to ever have run with this piston. Who has a spare barrel and piston available? The gudgeon pin is ¾” ( 18.87mm).

Simon: "My piston data shows that the gudgeon pin was 5/8" not 3/4" and the piston was cast iron, as one would expect. The Hepolite number for it is shown as 269 or, in aluminium (slightly later but still 5/8" pin) number 1509".