Monday 4 October 2010

A 1930 CS1 Norton

By Simon

Here are a couple of pics from a 1930 racing spec. CS1 - probably of the same bike as the riders pictured lived quite close to eachother in Yorkshire. The rider in the 'plus fours' and jazzy socks is Frank Varey - a very well known speedway rider in the early thirties - while the other one is Jack Carr, a butcher from Skipton. He finished third in the 1931 Senior MGP, probably on this actual bike. Apart from various IOM visits, Carr was a keen and successful sand racer on an SS100 Brough Superior.

The primary chain oil box can be seen on the front engine plates (like the works bikes) but the front wheel has the standard 8 inch Enfield hub so I am not jumping to the conclusion that it is actually one of the works machines.

For more info follow this link.