Tuesday 28 September 2010

Max's 1931 Model 20 Norton

An email from Mike Slater

"Thought you might be interested in this pic; this is my great uncle Max's bike, pictured in 1939 (at least the license plate makes it pretty easy to date the photo). I don't really know much about the bike, apart from the fact that it seems to be a Model 20, with what looks like an aftermarket suicide shifter fitted and the tool box removed."

JdK: It's a 1931 Model 20 Norton. Note the twinport exhaust, the position of the magdyno behind the cylinder, the Enfield hub at rear, the Horton hub at front and the early Norton forks (without the typical Webb wing nuts). An interesting feature is the instrument panel mounted on the front forks. The gearbox lever for the Sturmey Archer box is original, as is most of the rest of the bike.