Sunday 20 June 2010

Replica 1920s chain guards - SOLD

Reece in New Zealand is having a batch of 1920s Norton chain guards fabricated. Two types of guards will be made, as shown, though the first batch will consist of the open type only. He has sent me one of the open guards to fit to my 1927 OHV Norton and it looks absolutely correct in every detail; as expected, no one is more fussy about details than Reece! The size is spot on and the only thing I had to do is drill two holes and fabricate a small bracket where it fits to the front engine plate.

Reece is now taking orders. He is not sure about the price yet as it depends quite a bit on the number of guards that can be made and shipped around the world in one go, but expect to see something in the 250 euro bracket for the open type. Anyone interested can contact me.