Tuesday 1 June 2010

Martin's 1920 16H Norton

From Martin in the UK:

"Attached are some pics of my 1920 16H. This is a very original machine. I bought it to rob it of the genuine original belt drive tank that was fitted, as it was clearly not correct for the machine. Now it has a nice replica tank with a Best and Lloyd semi-automatic oilpump and the original belt drive tank is soon to be adorning my belt driver... It goes rather well for such an early machine and makes one understand how they nearly scooped the pool in the 1920 Senior TT. Its such a lively performer, and so easy to ride but does have very delicate steering, so light it wanders if you try and grip the bars too tightly but is fine if you just let it find its own way.

We had a VMCC vintage training day at the Grampian Transport Museum at Alford near Aberdeen in the north of Scotland last weekend. I took the 16H and it was ridden by maybe thirty people keen to experience the thrills of riding a hand change, lever throttle early machine through the arrangements made by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club. The bike ran faultlessly all day despite the many different riders and the unexpected heat of the day, and was judged one of the most desirable bike present by most riders I spoke to."