Thursday 10 June 2010

The Junior TT Assen, 26th of June 1937

The brochure; someone took it for granted that a Norton would win!

Dutch rider Bakker Schut with his Model 40 Norton.

Dutch rider Piet van Wijngaarden again, with his 350cc International factory racer; note the many trick bits compared to Bakker Schut's Norton above; rear suspension, square cylinder head, large front brake, magnesium crankcase, rev counter... I can see at least four other Nortons behind him.

Freddy Frith working on his bike and chatting with Joe Craig. The Norton looks identical to Piet's motorcycle.

Dutch champion Piet van Wijngaarden and the winner that day, John 'Crasher' White; Joe Craig stands between them. The rider on the left is Lo Simons with his 250cc Excelsior. On the right are Walther Winkler and his 250cc DKW.