Tuesday 3 September 2013

Ralph Cawthorne, Model 18 Nortons

Ralph Cawthorne, 1922 Model 18 Norton

-SG- Ralph Cawthorne at the start of the 1922 Senior TT (above, start number 34). A significant picture as this is one of the very first OHV machines produced by Norton. The machine is fitted with Druid forks and must have been a handful, with the almost complete absence of brakes.

Below we find Ralph on the machine that he entered for the 1923 Senior TT (start number 17). The really minute front drum brake has increased in size but not by much!

Ralph Cawthorne, 1923 Model 18 Norton

Many levers are fitted to the left hand side of the machine. One of them may operate the manually operated oilpump fitted in the oiltank; you can just make out the Bowden cable, at the left of his knee. And what's that thing fitted to the top frame tube?

Ralph had the misfortune to retire in both events