Wednesday 8 April 2009

Norton in Japan

One of the best virtues of The Web is that you make friends from all over the world. Daisuke, living in Japan, contacted me a few days ago with questions regarding an oil pump (see the previous blog entry). It turns out that Daisuke is heavily involved in old motorbikes, owning a WLC/WLA Harley, an early Bonneville and best of all, a flat-tank Norton. It's a 1928 16H model in quite original condition by the look of it.

For the rest, there seems to be very little difference between grown up man around the world playing with old motorbikes. His workshop looks as nice as can be and when given the chance we all would own a WWII fighter plane like the Zero behind Daisuke. Only yesterday I considered how nice it would be to buy a Spitfire!