Thursday 14 March 2024



-JdK- An email from Gary: "Hello there Simon and John. My 1926 tank looks original to me. What do you think. Got a surprise when I took the knee pad mounting plates off. Norton logo is different to some in that it has a little hook at top left on the N. The scroll along the top is well above the lower case letters and the t has a little leg to the right. The pie crust has been silver which I think makes it really stand out and the red pin stripes stop either side of the Norton logo. Looks to be the same logo as you have recently pointed out Simon but without the regd trade mark under it" 

-SG-  I would say extremely original!  I am not 100% sure when they first started putting the regd trade mark bit on - but probably after the 1926 legal changes following Pa Norton's death the previous year. My original 1929 tank - see web site - has the trade mark bit and probably was a transfer when first made.