Sunday 3 December 2023

Curiouser and curiouser ...

-SG- Back in April 2018 we had a brief posting about Don Morley's vintage CS1 - which he had said, slightly optimistically in my view, he thought was Stanley Woods' 1927 TT machine. He no longer had the machine at the time and was thus unable to provide useful detail like engine and frame numbers.  

However, many thanks are due to Martin, who has recently done a bit of research for me into the bike's apparent registration number JO 8834. And what did he find? That this number was first allocated by Oxford County Council, on 24th April 1934, to a Mr J C Bowman living in Downham Market. And the machine it related to is shown as a Model 30 Norton International. So quite how JO 8834 finished up on a standard looking Moore CS1 is anyone's guess! A scan is attached of the entry in the Oxford records.