Thursday 3 August 2023

More on Four Speeders


-SG- Earlier this year we had a short posting about the few four speed 'cross over' box machines which have survived from the twenties. As I mentioned, by the time 1929 came along the number being sold was quite small. BUT a recent chat with Robert - who has a 1926 Model 24 - prompted me to have a more in depth look at the figures and I was very surprised at the result. The first machine actually listed is a Model 24 (although the Works called it a four speed 588 in the records) in mid 1925 and this was shortly followed by a few four speed Big Fours. But come 1926 and the numbers grew surprisingly such that by the end of 1928 there appears to have been model totals as follows (e and oe!):


Model 14 ... 177

Model 24 ... 399

Model 34 ... 114 

Model 44 ... 43

And for what it's worth, the Four Speeders made up about 3.5 % of total machine output in the period of their production. 

And a final point ... it is apparently possible to replace the four speed gearbox with the usual type CS three speed version.  The frame lug is the same although the rear wheel has to be turned round to get normal chain alignment etc.