Sunday 19 March 2023

1910 TT Programme


-SG- Without wishing to diminish the importance of Rem Fowler's win in the twin cylinder class at the inaugural 1907 TT, the fact remains that the Norton performance in the TT for the next seven years was, to put it bluntly, poor!  Ten retirements and three not very good finishes. One of the retirements was J L Norton himself in 1910.  He retired after two laps, the second being unduly long following a cam follower breakage. It was reported in the Motor Cycle that he managed to get the bike going again - albeit very slowly - by greatly reducing the inlet valve spring pressure,  to the extent that the engine ran on the Automatic Inlet Valve principle. Ingenious or what! (He also retired in 1909 and 1911!)

Alan recently sent scans of the 1910 TT programme which he came across in the IOM recently and Martin has done some useful tweaking on the images to make them more legible. Many thanks to both!  Incidentally, the second Norton rider listed - P Brewster - did not start following a practise crash. Again quoting from the Motor Cycle - 'he attempted to take the corner at an impossible speed.....'