Saturday 4 February 2023

NOS Amal 15TT32 - For sale


-JdK- Adrian contacted me with the request to advertise this NOS carb; contact me when interested and I will forward your email. Adrian: "I have recently discovered that I have been - quite unwittingly - storing a 'new old stock' Amal 15TT32 carburetor for a Norton (this time for a 350cc 40M from 1932) - one-and-a-sixteenth-inch choke diameter. The float chamber is at the - also correct - 15 degree angle. 

The carburetor is just as I have dry-stored it for about 30-years and you will see from the images it is in extremely good - absolutely original - condition if a little shop-soiled. As the carburetor is complete (except for the needles in both the float chamber and mixing chamber) is clearly unused my only request is that the individual who really needs it is able to make a realistic offer."