Saturday 18 September 2021

Penrith Speedway, New South Wales, Australia

-SG- Way back in early 2012 we were sent a photo of  Alan Lewis and Jack Kerr with their 1928 Model 19 outfit in period speedway trim - with braced front forks and inward sloping side-car wheel.  The Australian magazine Old Bike Australasia recently published an interesting article about the track - which no longer exists - as a result of which I was able to contact Grant Barrett in Australia.  He has kindly sent me a scan of a photo in his collection showing Alan and Jack with plenty of awards - and, of course, their outfit BUT it seems not to be the same machine!  This one has a saddle tank - albeit seemingly rather shallow - and I assume  either the actual machine was changed to a 1929 version or the original was modified in some way to accept a saddle tank.