Sunday 3 May 2020

Special carburettor 2

-JdK- Ian sent us the following text and pictures: "Your recent feature on the final development of the Gardengate Nortons reminded me that I have some photos of the special carburettor. A couple of years ago David Crawford (author of the Stanley Woods biography) brought one of those carburettors to a club run so that we could take a closer look. The main advantage of this design seems to be that on full throttle the needle is withdrawn completely from the air flow through the venturi. 

David also found scans of two magazine articles which may be of interest. From "Motor Cycling" June 16 1949. This includes a short piece on the carburettor fitted to Artie Bell's machine. From "The Classic Motorcycle" September 1991. Rex McCandless interview with Joe Wood "My Biggest Mistake"". For a large version of the scans right-click your mouse on the pictures and choose 'Open in new window'.