Monday 23 September 2019

Money, money, money!

-SG- I am indebted to David Crawford for this interesting scan from Stanley Woods' records, of the income arising from his 1926 TT win.  Using the information available on the Internet, the total sum involved  - £1631.00 -  amounts to no less that £98.000 in today's money!  And when you bear in mind that the average weekly wage for skilled chaps in the UK in the mid twenties was only about £4 (which I understand included a half day on Saturdays), then Stanley's 'one race' earnings are truly astonishing.

By all accounts, professional riders' pay sank dramatically during the thirties and the Norton management was far from generous, resorting to money saving ideas like sharing winning prize money among team members!  And in all probability, the bonus payments from the likes of KLG plugs, Castrol oil, Dunlop tyres, Carburettor manufacturers etc. were also greatly reduced or simply ceased, following the major economic depression at the beginning of the decade.