Wednesday 2 August 2017

Norton mudguards

1930 Model 18 Norton guards

-SG- Most restorers of Vintage bikes will agree that inappropriate choice of mudguards can spoil the whole effect. I am pleased to say that, as far as Vintage and pre-war Nortons go, a new company in Western Australia - appropriately called 'Vintage Steel' - has put in a lot of effort and expense to produce guards of the correct radius, width and profile for flat-tankers and later models. Visitors to the recent Banbury Run in UK may have seen some examples and I certainly have had favourable comments from those who saw - and in some cases bought - them. The article attached (this link) gives much more information about the enterprise, plus contact details etc. Their website is worth a look too. Guards are made for lots of other bikes from 1900 to the 1960s and sometimes later, if the rollers in stock are suitable. Note that although Andrew is shown in the article with a  Vintage American X vee-twin, he also has a few Nortons including a 1910 Belt-driver which has been featured on this web site before!