Monday 26 December 2016

Steve Lancefield's bike!

Steve's 1927 Model 25 Norton
Steve in later days

-SG- Steve Lancefield (S S Lancefield ) needs no introduction to those with an interest in racing Nortons - but he is well known primarily as an expert in engine preparation and for his association with Harold Daniell. However, thanks to Roger's investigations, it appears he also competed actively at Brooklands from 1929 to 1934, mounted on a 490cc Norton (no surprise there!).

None the less, prior to his appearances at the track, he rode on the road and it has now come to light, from a careful study of the despatch books by the present owner, that he took delivery of a Model 25 in 1927. This machine has appeared on the site before and is still used regularly. John, its owner, tells me it has extremely highly polished flywheels in it. It also has a Moore type CS1 piston and and at one stage, had a fairly ferocious exhaust cam, the like of which he has never seen before. This has had to be replaced due to shaft breakage but I am hoping for a photo of it in due course.