Wednesday 14 December 2016

Charlie's bikes

-JdK- Steve sent these pics of Charlie Cockcroft, his father-in-law, on his bikes. The Norton (XG4849) is a c1936 Model ES2 Norton and it looks quite new. XG3961 is a Triumph and Hans, who has a similar machine, wrote the words below:

"XG3961 is a 1935/36 Triumph Model 3/5 (350 c.c.) or 5/5 (500 c.c.).  The /5 models were the specials in the OHV range with higher cams and a high compression piston. The petrol tank for these models were  finished in chrome and plum, very attractive. All models in this range were designed by Val Page. What is interesting is that this machine seems to have only one exhaust pipe on the right hand side while the /5 models always had, to my best knowledge, two-port cylinder heads."