Sunday 20 November 2016

Heavy Weight Webb Girder Forks - For sale

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-SG- David Warren is now able to supply heavyweight Webbs as fitted to CS1, ES2 and Model 25s; please find David's word below. Click this link for a full set of photo's.

-David- H. C. Webb & Co Ltd produced Heavy Weight Girder Forks circa 1926 to 1932. In the 1930 advertising material the company stated “There are many spring Forks available, but the “Webb” Spring Fork is “Something Different” – “Something Superior.”"

Favoured by many motorcycle manufacturers the Webb Fork incorporated the Bentley and Draper Stabiliser as part of its construction, affording damper pressure in exact accordance with that applied to the adjusters, and these being independent of the “necessary sideways adjustment of the fork links.”


The project to reproduce authentic replica Heavy Weight Webb Forks started in 2014. Three factors gave rise to the impetus to recreate Webb Forks:

  1. The observation that there were many vintage motorcycle restoration projects that had stalled for the lack of the HW Webb Forks, or that had to use incorrect forks
  2. Seeing the difficulty many restorers had in bring back to safe operation badly damaged forks
  3. The engineering challenge…

Research and development of the necessary tooling, jigs, and castings followed extensive analysis of numerous sets of Webb forks. The result is authentic Heavy Weight Webb Forks that match or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. Click this link for the photo's.

Each set of Forks comprises some 11 castings, 58 individual parts, and requires over 200 fabrication operations. Of note are the correctly rotary swaged fork tubes. These are made from 1” OD, 1/16” wall tube. Two dies-sets taper the tubes from 1” in the centre to 5/8” at either end. The rotary swaging results in a doubling of the tube wall thickness at both ends of the tubes.

All castings are bright annealed and inspected for any foundry flaws. Following machining the castings are assembled with the fork tubes in a rigid welding jig, and brazed using high silver content filler rods. Sample inspection of the completed joints shows complete wetting of the sockets and tubes, confirming the correct welding temperature and excellent capillary flow of the filler material.

Norton CS1, ES2, and Model 25 forks were supplied as standard with a Webb central steering column damper, where the adjustment of the friction pressure was made by way of a knurled Bakelite knob on top of the column. The replica forks are supplied with the Webb damper.

Period racing photos of the CS1 mostly show an Andre steering damper. If an Andre was fitted it says so in the records and usually indicates it was non-standard. The forks can be supplied ready for fitting an Andre damper if required.

For further information and pricing contact:

David Warren Motorcycle Engineering,
Warkworth, New Zealand
+64 21 654 322