Monday 25 July 2016

Valve springs

-SG- Valve springs during the twenties were not wildly reliable and Nortons included in their tool kits for OHV machines a cunning device to enable a valve spring to be changed without removing the cylinder head. Basically this used the twin plug holes in the heads of the time, into one of which a cranked and adjustable bar was inserted, to hold the valve concerned in place, while in the other a spring compressor was mounted whereby the spring could be compressed and removed/replaced.

Where have they all gone to? Have come across two over the years but that's all. Here's a photo of one in use, and another showing the various components making up this tool kit item. This one is SOLD for sale, however, and anyone interested can let us know and we will pass the message on. The seller - incidentally -  also has some new conical pushrod return springs available, as used from '26 to '29 inclusive.