Thursday 5 May 2016

1934 Model Big Four Norton

Charlie in San Francisco has just put this bike back on the road after eighteen years of storage.

Charlie: "I bought it from a Volvo dealer in the US as a very complete basket case in 1989, made it roadworthy in 1990, and ran it quite a lot until late 1998. It is a strong runner now, and it's surprisingly lively for an old SV slogger with a 120mm stroke. All I had to do was replace tires and tubes, freshen up the top end, and replace the mag armature and condenser. A lot of time went into cleaning it up too.

The engine number is 59XXX, frame number is 54XXX. It was first registered 3 September 1934. I have what I think is the second log book. The bike was registered to Dudley Hale Pearson, of Stourbank, Nayland Nr. Colchester. The first stamp is 31 March 1948. The Registration Authority is West Suffolk County Council, Bury St. Edmunds. The final stamp is 5 January 1967.

Any information about this bike and its owner history would be greatly appreciated!"