Tuesday 2 February 2016

More from Jock Leyden ...

-SG- Alan - thanks very much - has sent in this scan of a previously unpublished Leyden sketch ... this time of 'Crasher' White in June '35.  Alan's message follows:

"Finally, mindful of the latest item on the website I thought you might be interested in the following:
some years ago I was lucky enough to be able to purchase this original and previously unpublished Jock Leyden cartoon. It is a pen and and ink sketch on card, entitled ‘Schoolmaster White caning his Norton hard on Bray’. It is date stamped on the rear 20th June 1935 which is presumably when it was logged and put into a file. I’m presuming it is the 1935 Junior TT when ‘Crasher’ White came third behind winner Guthrie and second man Rusk."