Monday 14 December 2015

Flat tank Norton parts - ALL SOLD

-SG- Richard is selling SOLD these flat tank Norton parts; contact us when you're interested.

  • A pair of original D-section mudguards, front and back, no stays - possibly surface rust under the red oxide but very sound and original
  • A carrier in excellent original condition.
  • A reproduction twin barrel silencer, never used, excellent condition.
  • A timing side crankcase half - no welds, cracks or stripped threads. 
  • A 1930 oil tank - one oil connection, thus for total loss system - very sound. This may be ES2 or Model 22
  • Finally a primary chain cover - a few dents and needs a bit of welding at the attachment point to rear chain guard but generally very sound. Note this is not a Norton component but could be modified to suit