Friday 13 November 2015

Vintage Norton parts - SOLD

-JdK- Karl-Olof in Sweden ALL SOLD is selling vintage Norton parts. These are spares that were stored since the 1980s.

note: CS gearbox is sold already

Note: some parts in the pics were sold already (to me). Look in the list below to see what is still available. Further, Karl-Olof would like to sell all flat-tank parts in one batch to one person. So he would prefer not to sell the tanks without the wheels unless you make him a very generous offer.

  • Fork and wheels from a 1927 Norton. Unfortunately fork column and top of fork blade is increased 30 mm to fit another frame.
  • Petrol tank and oil tank of a 1927 Model 16 H in very nice condition
  • Brake pedal, primary cover, magdyno platform, c1927
  • Rear wheel with integral drum 1925/1926
  • Front wheel 1929-1930
  • S-A  CS flat tank gear change unit 
  • S-A 1929-1930 gear change unit. 
  • Brake drum, ES2 cover.
  • CS gearbox shell/ cover  1927-1928 (empty)
  • ES2 cams - 1928-30   
  • W7 cams  1929 
  • Webb/ Norton  handlebar clips 1926-1929 (replica)
  • Frame Model 16H 1929 in very bad condition
  • Brakedrum and sprocket
Contact VINTAGENORTON.COM when you are interested in making Karl-Olof an offer.

Note: Webb handlebar clips sold already