Tuesday 20 October 2015

1932 Model 30/CS1 Norton

-JdK- An email from Ian in the UK:

"I bought a 1951 ES2 (in bits) of a man named John in Leamington Spa some 5 years ago. Next to it was a 1949 Inter that he would not sell as it had been his father's who was a big Norton man. I got the ES2 up and running and gave John a ring with the bike running in the background. A lady answered the mobile to tell me John had died two days before. 

After getting the bike insured I took the bike down to show Johns widow she was over the moon to hear and see it after 18 years. I kept in touch and some years later was asked if I would like to buy the Inter! When we agreed a price she asked if I would like to buy all of Johns spares in her garage.

After rebuilding the '49 inter set to work going through the stuff properly. Included was an interesting frame, at first I presumed an ES2 as it had Roadholder forks attached, on later inspection it's a 1932 Model 30 with aftermarket plunger rear end.

I rebuilt it with more bits and bobs and Manx bits, magnesium cam box, CS1 bottom end, Manx tank,  BSA Gold Star front wheel. Who knows more about this frame/bike? Frame no 30. 48845."