Wednesday 17 July 2013

1929 Model JE Norton cylinder head

-SG- I was recently passed some Vintage odd and ends to dispose of, for the widow of a friend. In amongst them was a nigh-on-perfect 1929 JE OHV cylinder head. This is covered by the attached photos. Worth noting are the three pads on the top - mounting points for the cast alloy JE rockerbox - and the deep recess on the head underside to accomodate a sizable spigot on the barrel. Although a larger spigot was present on the late 1929 racing engines - if the Gardner CS1 engine is accepted as an indicator -  this feature seems not to have become standard on OHV and OHC models until the 1931 range came onto the market. However, we are still hoping to clarify this rather vague area of Norton engine development so input will be welcome!