Thursday 25 April 2013

1925 Druid spring forks brochure

-SG- Hereby a Druid brochure from c1925; it has no date anywhere. It shows the 'old type' fork as well as the newer RT type. Nortons used the HRT type and as far as the parts lists go, the HRT type is shown in the 1926 parts list but the 1925 list does not show them. I thus think it reasonable to assume the HRT came into use for the 1926 season and they went on fitting them to the regular sidevalvers up to and including 1928 - without the dampers on the lower front fork spindle (see page 12 of the brochure). The 1929 and 1930 sidevalvers continued with a very similar Druid, but the front tubes are straight instead of slightly angled at the lower spindle lug. Incidentally, note that the Mark II Druid - as used on Big Fours etc with the four springs - continues to be shown in the 1926 parts list.