Sunday 3 February 2013

1927 Model 18 Norton - SOLD

For sale: 1927 Model 18 project

-JdK- This Model 18 Norton project is for sale now sold by a good friend Reece, who lives in New Zealand. He wishes to sell this project and put the funds towards the restoration of other Nortons. A description in his own words can be found below. To make an offer, please contact us by email and we'll forward your request to Reece.

"The bike is a collection of period Norton pieces and parts. Some are new/reproduction but most are original dating from c1927. The engine and frame numbers are from 1927. The frame is an original OHV frame with some tubes replaced (the frame number is genuine). As stated, this is an accumulation of parts. To the best of my knowledge, without putting together, most parts are correct and will fit. The motor is not complete, no piston etc and has had some rear lugs professionally repaired. Like any old bike it needs lots of work, but it's a good start. I am willing to crate the parts up and deliver to a local freight company, also I can get a freight costing."