Thursday 6 December 2012

R.S. Moorhouse, 1930 Model CJ Norton

Jumper under leathers
Jumper over leathers!

-Contributed by Tim- These pics show R.S. Moorhouse at the 1931 (above) and 1932 (below) junior Manx Grand Prix. Note the jumper he has on, could this have been a novice jumper? The Norton looks to be a 1930 Carroll type CJ - note the Webb forks rather than Norton's own. Moorhouse competed at the junior and senior MGP between 1930 and 1932; he came 8th in 1931 and 16th in 1932.

Jack Carr (8, Norton), Norman Gledhill (3, Norton),
 P. Harris (8, New Imperial), R.S. Moorhouse (17, Norton),
 two unknown riders (22, 48, Norton)