Sunday 23 September 2012

1926 Model 16H Norton - Sold

-SG- Sold For sale at Yesterdays; a 1926 Model 16H Norton, priced at €18.500. It looks a good piece of work and a lot of care seems to have been taken. Note the Webb forks which, unusually for a 16H, are shown in the records as an original fitment for this particular machine as are the twist grip controls. However, also shown in the records are the facts that a) it left the works with an Amac carburettor rather than the B and B now fitted, b) it was equipped with a Best and Lloyd mechanical oilpump driven as usual from the exhaust cam spindle. Engine and frame number (frame # 22426, engine # 30022) match and it was shipped in April 1926 to Nystrom, Norton's Swedish agents.