Sunday 18 March 2012

1933 Model 30 Norton - SOLD

For sale SOLD at Venture Classics and in their words: "All correct and original numbers. This machine was supplied new to "Motor Cycling" magazine in April 1933 and used as their "Editorial Hack" attached to a well known & documented sidecar known as "HMS Insufferable" for around four and a half years and therefore being featured in many if not most of the magazines for that period. It looks as though the bronze head was fitted from new and this would be correct for the period. We do know that the "TT" front brake was definately fitted from new because  the feature in the magazine introducing the machine to the readers mentions it. The machine has had some modifications over the years as you would expect including the removal of the kick-start mechanism and lighting equipment also the fitting of a BTH Magneto. £28,500"

JdK: "Certainly a nice machine, perhaps a bit over-restored. It would look better with a 20" rear wheel. The clutch is from a later model. I can't see the "TT" brake."