Wednesday 31 August 2011

1930 Norton engines - SOLD

An email from Jiří in the Czech republic

"Dear Norton friends, I have SOLD for sale two 1930 engines and an early barrel and head.

The first engine is a Model 19 - engine number 47874 for € 2000 (above).

The second a Model 20 - engine number 47941 for € 2000 (above).

Then a 1925 barrel and head for a Model 19 - number 12979 for € 750 (above). The engines and parts can be delivered at Netley Marsh, 8-9 September."

-SG- The Model 20 engine was shipped to Weigel in May 1930 and the Model 19 engine going to an outfit I have not heard of called G K and G Cassavetty in February 1930. The earlier 588 head and barrel - number 12979 - formed part of one of the earliest production Model 19s and was shipped out in March 1925 to yet another agent - Horak Hlava. It formed part of a very sporting combination fitted with Webb forks, steering damper and a Hughes sidecar. Note the head with short valve springs and spring retainers for use with the so-called straight rockers, one of which remains.

Contact when you are interested and we will forward your email to Jiří