Tuesday 14 June 2011

Geoff's 1928 Model 16H Norton

Sent by Geoff in the UK

Geoff: "Above two pics of my 1928 16H when I bought it in 2006. As you can see it was an oily rag. I only let it go in 2007 because I wanted the Zenith Super Eight a friend was selling and he wouldn't let me have the Zenith unless I swapped the Norton in exchange! For some reason the carb was removed. It now has the correct cylinder as it came with a later barrel and separate head. The friend I sold it to has restored it to his liking (below). I have recently bought it back!

It came from the Isle of Man and the reg no MN 1150 has now been taken off as an Isle of Man number cannot be used in the UK. In the UK we can keep and transfer registration numbers so as I had the number TT 1358 (which I took from a Mini car I had one time) I have put it on the 16H. I have an original 7" Horton front wheel I am going to fit. It has a post war carb and I have a spare B&B carb. that should be OK"