Friday 20 May 2011

Grandfather's c1923 Model 18 Norton

Sent by Al in the UK.

"This shot is of my grandfather (who was a great Norton fan who used to visit Brookland regularly pre war) and my grandmother on his Model 18 at Hayling Island, Hampshire sometime in the late 1920's. I wonder if PC 3978 is still around. (JdK: PC 3978 was issued from July 1921 to July 1923 by Surrey C.C. (currently Guildford). It probably is a 1923 model then. Quite sporty, note the narrow mudguards, open primary chaincase and open exhaust). I've been trying to get hold of a flat tank Model 18 for ages similar to his! I'm looking for a flat tank Model 18 - project / box of bits, or what have you ? I have a 1923 Sunbeam 500 sv Sports TT short stroke flat tanker, 100% original for possible exchange; the bike is MOT's and taxed with a rebuilt engine. (below)"

Anyone interested in a swap can contact John