Friday 29 April 2011

1928 Model 24 - SOLD

For sale SOLD at Verralls; a flat tank Norton described as an original 1928 Model 24. I've never seen one before but when the description is correct the dry-sump 588cc engine (!) sitting next to it would originally have been fitted. The 4-speed box is correct for this model. There were a few 588 dry-sump ES2 engines made/sold by Nortons; it is only the differing main shaft diameters which means that standard 588 flywheels can't be used in ES2s so in that respect it could be correct. A very interesting flat tanker with a hefty price tag at £21,500 (for which off course you also get the spare Model 18 engine).

Ian Hatton:"It's a 588cc OHV with the Model 25 type recirculating oiling system. Standard Model 18 engine is presently fitted but I have included a pic of the oil tank to show the return oil line. Obviously the external oil pump is not correct. Also has a four speed cross over gearbox. I believe all these details to be original."