Thursday 10 February 2011

Gears anyone?

Ben and Marcus Deutscher: We noticed a recent post on the blog with a request for expressions of interest for 17 tooth gears at 150 pound each. We've had a look at the photos and feel that we might be able to do the job at a significantly lower price than the 150 pounds as this is the sort of work which we specialise in. We are professional gearcutters with an interest in Nortons who would be interested in quoting for the job. We've been manufacturing gears for Big Port AJSs, P model Triumph, Rudge and close ratio BSA sets for a number of years. We also made some Sturmey Archer 1st gears.

We are located in Australia but have sent gears to New Zealand, Canada and Ireland in recent years. All we require is a sample which would be returned on the completion of the job. Above a few photos of gears we have made in the past. Contact us at (use @ for -at-)