Wednesday 12 May 2010

Koos' 1927 Model 18 Norton

Koos, the chairman of the Dutch VMC bought himself a nice Model 18 Norton and Simon checked the numbers;

"Frame no. 28803 is a Model 18. The gearbox fitted at the factory was number 94704. Webb forks, 26 x 3 tyres and a Brown and Barlow carburetter were specified. It was despatched on 23/6/27 to Colwyn Bay Engineering Co. No end user details are given in the records. The original engine was no. 35530.

Engine no. 5164 (as fitted) comes from a Model 17C, despatched 23/2/23 to a dealer entered simply as Thomas - no location is given nor end user details.

So it looks as if the crankcases came from the 17C side valve model and a later overhead valve top half and con rod were fitted, and perhaps flywheels too.

Notice that despite the June 1927 despatch date the steering damper anchor is what is generally accepted as the 1928 type. This seems to show this minor improvement came in earlier than the Autumn of 1927, when the 'new for 1928' models were introduced with 19 inch tyres, rounded oil tank, Mk IV Best and Lloyd pump etc.

Cheers, S"