Friday 29 January 2010

Tim's 1929 M18 Norton

Another very nice 1929 M18 Norton; this one belongs to Tim from the UK:

"Thought I would send you a few pics of my 1929 Model 18. I've had her for near on 18 years and been all over on her. Its in near original condition apart from the rear mudguard as I had to fit a new one a few years ago when the old one disintegrated as it was full of stress cracks and I had welded it many times. Not too sure about the early amal carb, it could be right as it has no side mounted tickover screw. Gear change altered before I got her but its so easy to change gear with it like that. The Brooklands can is staying as it makes a great sound coming up through my piss pot helmet. Paint work worn through in places but that's how I like them. Came from Bennett's in Southampton and it's history is known from after the war. It's one bike I would never part with."

Interestingly, Tim also owns a Duzmo; follow this link for the complete story.