Monday 12 October 2009

For Sale or Swap: Norton 16H Flat Tank frame and forks -NOW SOLD-

Too many projects on my hands too; therefore this approx. 1923 16H flat tank frame may find a new owner.

The frame has met with some serious challenges, like a Blitzkrieg and a few decades in all kinds of weather so it can not be described as "being in perfect shape". There has been -and still is- serious rust in many places. It did however get professional attention and some tubes have been replaced on frame and forks. I think it needs more work but it will be very usable in the end.

The frame has been in dr. George's workshop (though he is not the one who did the repairs) and he may be able to tell you more about it; contact him for a second opinion.

Flat tank frames do not come up for sale very often; don't ask for a price but make me a serious offer that I cannot refuse. Or even better, suggest vintage motorcycle parts to swap the frame against. I'm looking for Webb forks, Sturmey-Archer gearboxes, Horton front hubs, Royal Enfield hubs, Moore OHC engine parts, Amal type 6 carbs, vintage magneto's etc.