Saturday 13 January 2024

Svend Aage Sorensen - Dirt Track shots

 -SG- There are quite a lot of Dirt Track shots - it would seem that Sorensen was just as active in this branch of the sport as road racing.

This was taken at Odense in 1932 - probably on his CJ

Probably also at Odense in the early thirties

No details  as to 'when and where!' The machine looks like a Model 25 with a special small tank and a right  hand exhaust pipe - not difficult to arrange with a straight ahead exhaust port head

Sorensen with his CJ in 1934. His elder brother Kaj is with him - by  then a Norton dealer in Copenhagen

Nice bike but no clue about who it is or where

This was taken in 1933 at Korsoer - Sorensen in the centre of the group

Sorensen in the lead at Langese in 1932

A 1932 shot of the start at Ganlose. Sorensen is second from left - again on his CJ - extreme left - surprisingly - is Freddie Dixon, Douglas mounted

Early thirties duel with Morian Hansen in an event at Odense. Sorensen on the outside and - just - in front